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October 10, 2023

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  1. Welcome to Culinary tourism! Here you can post your questions, related to the module.

  2. the content advocates for a holistic approach to tourism that goes beyond mere economic transactions. It encourages the integration of local values, fostering a symbiotic relationship between tourists and the communities they visit. The narrative is both informative and forward-looking, highlighting the potential for culinary tourism to contribute significantly to a more sustainable and culturally enriched global tourism landscape.

  3. Can culinary tourism foster deeper cultural understanding while promoting ethical food practices and local economies?

    1. I really think so: tourists who are searching for local products usual want to connect to the territory and the people they’re visiting.

    2. Thank you for the great lecture! Indeed, after the Pandemic years more and more tourists are paying attention not only to the destination and culture (or how to get there), but the authenticity and local traditions. I do think that the culinary factor is one that can bring people from different nations together and the fact that there are so many famous for their traditional foods (and drinks) countries in Europe supports that.

    3. Thank you for the question. It can actually. There are many examples how local cuisines have been adapting to visitors’ tastes. In the video lecture “Going all local” you can watch great examples how a business could go either ways – using entirely local ingredients to prepare internationally known food products meals and or/ at the same time modernize (but keep the authenticity) of local traditions in meal preparation. Saving food or encouraging customers NOT to waste food, ex. possibility to take the remaining order in a restaurant for home (apart selecting suppliers, as well based on some ethical rules) are also models, together with culture and traditions to achieve such goals.

  4. After viewing the mouthwatering video on culinary tourism in Varna, I’m already planning my next gastronomic adventure! From savory local delicacies to innovative fusion cuisine, Varna’s culinary scene is a true feast for the senses. The video skillfully captures the passion of chefs, the vibrancy of markets, and the authenticity of traditional recipes, inviting viewers to embark on a culinary journey like no other.

  5. As much as I enjoy exploring local cuisines, I’m always cautious about the sustainability of the food practices in tourist-heavy areas. How do you all balance the joy of trying new foods with the responsibility of supporting ethical eating practices?

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