[PRACTICES FOR RAISING ENVIRONMENTAL AWARNESS OF TRAVELLERS] – Awareness of Sustainable tourism: a way of traveling while respecting its environment, culture and people

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October 10, 2023

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  1. This initiative emphasizes the significance of sustainable tourism, promoting awareness to travel responsibly by respecting the environment, culture, and communities. By advocating for mindful practices, it contributes to a more conscientious and harmonious travel experience, fostering a positive impact on destinations.

  2. Sustainable tourism: travel that respects all! It protects the environment, honors cultures, and supports local communities. Let’s explore responsibly!

  3. I think we don’t pay enough attention on the impact of plastic. Plastic is so around us that we can’t even notice it. That’s why I appreciate so much all these initiatives discouraging the use of plastic. Especially in a small country and in a small sea like Mediterranean is

  4. We cannot forget that without sustaining the culture we cannot be competitive in the tourism industry

  5. These comments echo the importance of sustainable tourism, advocating for responsible travel that respects the environment, cultures, and local communities. Highlighting initiatives against plastic usage underscores the need for environmental consciousness. Preserving culture is pivotal for competitiveness in tourism. Let’s continue supporting these endeavors for a better travel experience.

  6. The emphasis on sustainable tourism in these comments is truly commendable. It’s heartening to see a growing awareness of the importance of traveling responsibly, not only for the environment but also for the preservation of cultures and the support of local communities. Initiatives aimed at reducing plastic usage are particularly crucial, especially in delicate ecosystems like the Mediterranean. Additionally, as Georgean rightly points out, sustaining culture is essential for maintaining competitiveness in the tourism industry. Let’s continue to promote and support these initiatives, ensuring that our travels leave a positive impact on the places we visit

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