[PRACTICES FOR RAISING ENVIRONMENTAL AWARNESS OF TRAVELLERS] – Practices for raising environmental awareness of travellers in traditional hotel accommodation

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October 10, 2023

8 Responses

  1. This video effectively educates tour operators on fostering environmental awareness in traditional hotel accommodations, specifically within the context of Cyprus. It highlights the crucial role of such awareness in the tourism and hospitality industry, providing practical insights to enhance sustainable practices and enrich the overall travel experience.

  2. Great video! Shows Cyprus tour operators how to “green” hotels, boosting sustainability and the tourist experience.

  3. Cyprus is really a step ahead, kudos! Mabe here in Italy we have to make an extra effort, even though we have excellent example like Mirtillo Rosso. Anyway, I think that in Italy tourism is still mostly related to luxury and an old way to see holidays. However, young generations are more and more engaged and interested in sustainability and in green tourism.

  4. Such an insightful video! It’s encouraging to witness the efforts made in Cyprus to guide tour operators towards fostering environmental awareness within traditional hotel accommodations. The practical insights shared can undoubtedly contribute to enhancing sustainable practices, making a positive impact on both the tourism industry and the overall travel experience.

    The positive feedback from Cyprus-based birrificiapertimarche@gmail.com is affirming, showcasing how this information can be applied locally to “green” hotels and elevate the sustainability quotient. It’s inspiring to see Cyprus leading the way.

  5. I hope tourists will pay more and more attention to the susteinability. Nowadays this is a crucial point in every day life, but how many of us will think about it on holidays?

  6. I am thrilled to see such positive engagement with the video on fostering environmental awareness in traditional hotel accommodations, particularly within the context of Cyprus. It’s heartening to witness the enthusiasm and recognition for the crucial role that sustainability plays in the tourism and hospitality industry.

  7. Encouraging feedback on environmental practices from travelers could also drive improvements. Maybe introducing a reward system for travelers who follow eco-friendly practices could motivate more to participate.

  8. This Cypriot video sounds really interesting! Sustainability being an essential isn’t just common sense, it’s great they’re addressing it. Plus, exploring ways to celebrate local culture through creative means is fantastic. Learning by doing is so valuable, so I’m curious to see how they emphasize observed experience.

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